This course throughout was a welcoming and open atmosphere that I loved being a part of. I really enjoyed this course and the ideas it had to offer, I ended up learning a lot about digital governance and the way of thinking that serves as it’s heart. Unfortunately I was sick for the class and I decided to take the few days off to recover rather than pass the plague onto the rest of my colleagues.

With that being said I realize that this class was an opportunity to address topics that haven’t been covered extensively in previous lectures. The one thing that I personally would have liked to seen be covered more was digital autonomy and data privacy. This is something that has been gaining steam within the world as of recent, particularly through famous examples such as the EU’s right to be forgotten and the belief that the data that companies collect on you should be something that you ultimately have some ownership over.

This is ideally what I’m going to be writing my paper on, specifically the ways that we can use the existing PIPEDA legislation to implement and enforce the digital autonomy of our citizens. This was touched on a bit in previous lectures, but I feel like this is one area where there can be a lot of movement. Additionally this is an area of legislation that impacts all the other topics we touched on throughout the course.

But you’ll be able to hear more about it in my paper, coming soon to a dropbox near you.