The internet has traditionally been the wild west, a place for the greatest advances in society: a whistle-blowers haven, a gamer’s paradise, a library without limits, and a place to find support from others like you. Yet, at the exact same time, it’s also the seedy underbelly of the world, with everything from child exploitation to narcotics trafficking. Governments have an obligation to regulate this new medium just as they’ve regulated other advances in technology; the problem however is that the internet evolves much faster than anything we’ve seen before. What I learned from this module and this past week was that there needs to be a balance. There needs to be a way to regulate the internet without infringing on it’s ability to grow and be the weird and wonderful place that it is. We have to as public servants be cautious of these spaces, as they hold the possibility to harm people, but we must also not be afraid to embrace the innovation, as they also have tremendous potential to help people.